chicagoWelcome to Maptime Chicago!
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PLEASE interrupt if you have questions!
First things first: What is Maptime all about?
  1. A time for learning about maps
  2. Hands-on
  3. Beginner-focused
  4. Emphasis on open source, programming and web-mapping
Stolen from Lyzi Diamond
maptime chapter mapMaptime is popping up all over the world
maptime board State of the Maptime, 2014
There are Maptime resources all over
  1. GitHub
  3. Twitter
  4. Etc...
Our mission is to open the doors of cartographic possibility to anyone interested
Maptime exists because community, inclusivity, and accessibility are important components of positive learning experiences.
We're even working on an official Code of Conduct, which you can contribute to.
Our mission today is:
  1. Kick off Maptime Chicago
  2. Talk about what we want to learn together
  3. Get our hands dirty with OpenStreetMap
Steve Vance, esteemed #ChiHackNight contributor, writer of Streetsblog Chicago and longtime OpenStreetMap contributor, will get you acquainted with OSM
Then we'll have some open time to edit some maps!
post-it notesThere will also be some sticky notes lying around. Use them to tell us what you'd like to learn next time!
If you'd like to lead a future Maptime, talk to me!
Finally, if you're interested in getting more involved, let's have a discussion around 7:15.
Thanks! And thanks to ThoughtWorks for hosting!Presentation made with Big